Thursday, December 28, 2006

No more goodies for me now... please ;-)

How are you doing, during this last week of 2006? Are you also overwhelmed with all sorts of gifts from any-marketer-and-their-dog, just like I am? ;-)

Seems like nobody wants to make profits these days.Anyone with some kind of a list attacks my inbox with free goodies and special offers, thinking they do me a favor with it...

Well... to all those folks, I say...

"Please leave me out of your presents. I already have enough fluff and filler to keep me busy the rest of next year.. and I have other stuff to do!"

But that's just my opinion... you can always correct me if I'm wrong by using the comment link below this "article" ;-)

Anyway, just a short note that I have added a new "Firesale" product to my website.

"How To Boost Your Metabolism" is a new .PDF Ebook, and you can view it here:

It's selling at only $5.00, but the price will go up soon, so don't wait too long...

NOTE: Order right now and you'll automatically get upgraded to Master Resell Rights, so you can also sell the Resell Rights to this brand new product:

Best regards, and (do I need to repeat it) a Happy, Healthy and Successful 2007 to you and all your family members!

Dirk Dupon

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My first video... please leave your comment

I just created my first video, and I really would like to hear your opinion about it. It's a short video that shows you how to create a software box ecover with the Cover Action Pro scripts.

NOTE: If you visit the website, you'll find another video there that goes into deeper detail.

The video sound isn't really great I'm afraid, but I will update the video if you leave your comments and tell me what you would like to see changed.

If you have any other video requests, you can let me know and I'll work it out for you in the near future.

Thanks for your support ;-)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fireballs and a confession...

I confess... I am an addict...

But it's not what you think...

I am an addict for anything related to resale rights.

You may know that by now... and in case you don't, now you do - but keep it between us ;-)

Here's how it goes...

Everytime I receive (and read) an email from one of my marketer friends about a new product that they
created with resale rights, I instantly hear a cash register going off in my mind...

... sounding like...


And the worst thing is that I simply can't resist.

I click off to the sales page, study the product headline, the benefits, examine the page and eCover design, and while my brain starts thinking about ways to improve the product's sales copy, my fingers are automatically
typing in my creditcard digits on the order page -right on the spot...

... and a few days ago the above scenario happened again to me.

I ordered a set of 13 new, brandible, viral PDF reports with Master Resell Rights, written by Ian del Carmen.

I know Ian's work...

And I like the idea of owning 13 products instantly. Plus, I love branding reports with my own links...

... so I went into trance... again ;-)

There was just one thing...

I wasn't really satisfied with the mini-site that came with the reports, so I modified the page and added
some graphics, to give the site a fresh look.

I always do this with resale rights products... if the owner gives me permission to do it. It's a great way to increase sales. Makes you stand out from other resellers.

Wanna see the result? No problem.

It's all yours to take right here:

Yes, I'm offering you Resale Rights to the reports and the mini-site at a "never-before-seen-subscribers-only"

Just check it... and I bet that soon you'll also become an addict ;-)

To Your Success!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Are you a Resale Rights addict? ;-)

If you're anything like me, then I bet you're also hooked on Ebooks with resale rights. Resale rights are my biggest source of income, and I must have around 500 resale rights files sitting on my PC...

... and thanks to the Google Desktop tool I can locate them quit fast when I need them ;-)

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you about a brand new niche Ebook, called "How To Save Your Marriage". Here's the website:

It's currently selling at only $5.00 as a "subscribers only" offer, but the price will go up soon to $19.97 again.

Like I said, this is a new Ebook, so you'll be one of the first to promote and sell it. You get the sales page and all the graphics, so you can get started instantly.

With my compliments ;-)


Thursday, November 16, 2006

How to Launch a Profitable Web Site in 30-60 Minutes

I guarantee you're going to love this... I'm going to reveal how you can have your own website up and running and ready to profit in just 30-60 minutes from this very moment...

Here's a sample of a site just created using the incredibly simple formula I'm about to reveal:

Pretty nice, 'ey? The site doesn't cost a dime to run, and the profit potential is unlimited! Follow these simple steps to get your own site up and running in just minutes from now...

Step 1. The type of website you'll be creating (similar to the site that you're visiting now) is called a blog. A blog is a "content-based" site in an online journal format. Like most websites, the heart of a successful blog is its "content". Without some sort of content, people would have no reason to visit your site.

So the first step is to secure unlimited content in the form of interesting, educational articles (exactly like the articles shown on the blog above) InfoGoRound (IGR) is a new service that will provide you with unlimited *private label* article content that is absolutely prfect for your blog. The content on the blog above came from IGR...

You can utilize the content that IGR provides in an endless variety of ways just as if you'd written it yourself. You never have to credit the original article authors in any manner, and you can modify or add to the content they provide in any way you desire!!

Another reason I'm so excited about IGR is that you have access to instant content.

Normally it would take you days or even weeks to write the amount of content found in the blog above. But with IGR, all the content you see there was added in just 10 minutes! Amazing, isn't it?

And because IGR's article database is growing on a DAILY basis, you'll have fresh new content that you can add to your website or blog on a regular basis!

To complete Step 1, click here to join IGR now:

I almost forgot the best part... Thanks to IGR's optional Cash for Content program, your IGR membership doesn't have to cost you a dime! By writing and submitting just ONE brief article to IGR each month, you'll get a 100% rebate on your membership! Or, you simply pay the normal $24.95 membership fee.

Trust me, either way is an incredible deal when you consider that IGR *guarantees* its members will receive at LEAST 100 fresh new articles per month.

After joining IGR, come back and continue on with the next step here...

Step 2. Before proceeding with this next step, you will need to decide on a topic for your blog. I recommend that you login to the IGR members' area and take a look at their various content categories. Simply choose a category/topic that interests you.

Here are a few possibilities, just to get your juices flowing:

-Health and Fitness
-Pet Care
-Real Estate
-Home Improvement

Once you have decided on a topic you are ready to continue... is a free service that will provide you with everything needed to start and run your blog -besides the content.

To set up your blog, visit and follow the 3 steps provided to open your account. Give some consideration to your blog title. Since the sample blog above is about health and fitness, the name "ultimate-body" was chosen as the title.

Once you have your account set up, login to whatBlogger calls your "Dashboard". Think of this as the "control panel" for your blog.

This is where you add content, edit your profile, etc. Really the only two things you need to concern yourself with to get things rolling are the "Edit Profile" section and then the "Posting" section.

Note: To get to the "Posting" section you need to click on your blog title found on the Dashboard main page. On the Edit Profile page I recommend that you scroll down and fill out the "About Me" section. See my own blog to get an idea of what you might want to enter. Make sure to Save your changes. You can always modify this later.

Next, click on your blog title, go to the "Posting"section, and click on "Create". Now you're ready to grab relevant articles from IGR to "fill" your blog with content...

4-5 articles should be plenty to start. You'll want to post a new article or two each week (which will only take a couple minutes thanks to IGR). But right now you just need some starter content.

Inside the IGR members area, simply search or browse to find articles related to your topic. I recommend using the "Format Article" link found near the bottom of IGR's "View Article" pages, to instantly format each article to your liking. Very cool feature.

Then, simply Copy and Paste each of your selected IGR articles into the text box provided in the Post/Create section of your *Blogger* account! Make sure to click "Publish Your Post" as you enter each article.

At any point, you can use the "View Blog" link to make sure your site is coming along as planned.

Note: Blogger's "Help" menu is excellent. If you have questions or want to modify your site in additional ways, consult the Help menu and you won't be disappointed. This is FUN stuff, isn't it ;-)

Step 3. The final step is to "monetize" your site. There are two very easy ways to do this. One way is by inserting affiliate links to products and services related to your topic. You can find thousands of affiliate products and opportunities at places such as,,

You can insert affiliate links (and related ads) right within the articles you obtain from IGR and post to your BLOG! You can also add affiliate links in your blog's "Link list" if you like.

To learn how to modify your Link list, go to Blogger's Help menu and Search on "links". Click on "How do I edit my link list?" to proceed. You'll also be invited to participate in Google's popular "Adsense" program inside your Blogger account (on the Dashboard home page).

Some people make thousands in commissions every month with Adsense alone! This is one of the most effective ways to monetize your new blog. Google provides you with instructions on how to easily incorporate Adsense listings into your BLOG.

IGR and are a match made in heaven! Every profitable blog demands quality content - content that is FLEXIBLE by nature so that you're able to modify it to suit your needs by inserting affiliate links, attaching your resource box, signing your name as author, etc.

IGR + Blogger = Instant Web-Sites (that don't have to cost you a dime, and that can generate almost unlimited profit with very little time and effort invested!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Please visit my new website...

I just finished a brand new website and would like to take you around on a tour ;-)

The website is called: "One-Time-Offer Magic", and here's the link:

Yep, it's about some kind of magic... but it has nothing to do with lame tricks... ;-)

It's about using the sheer power of OTO marketing to explode your online sales. You already have some traffic to your website, do you? So why not profit from it, instead of sending people away without leaving their plastic money with you?

Do I sound a bit weird? Don't worry... I'll show you exactly how to do it step-by-step at:

You can pick up the rights to sell the package from your own website -and keep all the profits, or use the package as an OTO page.

To Your Success!

Dirk Dupon

PS: You can earn a nice 60% Clickbank commission on every sale that you make via your own affiliate link. Joining is simple and free, just go here for details:

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A free marketing course you need to check out!

Shane Dolby is giving away an awesome course called "Your
BluePrint to Online Success". Basically, the course is a series
of Modules that will walk you through everything you need to know
to setup your very own sales website... complete with List building
tips, Free videos, forums, and much, much more.

Even if you don't know anything, Shane is going to hold your hand
and show you, step-by-step exactly what you need to do to get
your own site up and becoming Profitable - today!

The best thing's free!

You really need to see everything that Shane is giving away...

I just got my free membership, and I've got to say this course is
awesome. Shane makes it so simple for anyone to get a website
up and running. I just had to share it with you.

Shane told me I could let a few people know about the site before
he starts charging for the course, and I knew that you'd want to
know right away. :-)

Go ahead and check it out right now...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

4 New marketing reports with a JV twist...

You know that I like to give away quality info to you. And I know that you love to receive quality books and reports...

So, here's something you'll appreciate... It's a collection of 4 brand new Special Reports with Master Resale Rights...

The reports are:

- How to Profit and Win in Any Niche
- How to Make Insane Profits With Resale Rights
- How to Succeed With Your Blog
- How to Boost Your Income With Affiliate Marketing...


... I'm also giving you the chance to earn profits from this package when you tell other people about it.
Check out the amazing offer right here:

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Does your 404 error page make you money?

Have you ever visited a website, but typed in the wrong url after the domain name? What did you see?
Chances are you saw a generic page that said something like; "The page cannot be displayed," or "Not Found," or "The requested URL was not found on this server." This is what is more commonly known as the 404 Error Page. It's the page that shows up by default when you'accidentally' type in the address of the page you are looking for on a website incorrectly.

Now, in many cases, it truly happens by mistake. However, in many other instances, people end up on this page because they are snooping around trying to look for your download page or thank you page without having to pay or opt-in. Kind of shady, but people do it. Why not capitalize on it whether they are doing it purposely or they are truly ending up there by accident.

If you have your own website and it gets traffic, some of your visitors are ending up on that page. Now, if they are seeing the generic message that their browser shows them when it happens, then you are not making good use of your web real estate:

Every page of your website can put money in your pocket. Even your 404 error page. You can customize that page just like any other page on your website. Some ideas to utilize on that page include:
-Making an special offer at a discounted price.
-Having it be a squeeze page.
-Making it an Adsense page.
-Redirecting it to a related affiliate product.

Those are just a few of the many different, yet profitable types of ways you can make good use of your 404 error page. It won't make you rich, but it definitely will put some extra money in your account. Maybe it will help you payone of your bills, or you can just reinvest it into your business.

Either way, if you don't customize this page, you can be leaving money on the table. Having something for your visitors to see that end up on that page is extremely more beneficial to you then not having anything on that page. Here's to making good use of every page on your website:

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Free Private Label Rights content management tool

If you are a member of a PLR membership site, then here's a useful tool that will save you a lot of time managing your PLR content...

My buddy Jason Bradley has just released this very cool and useful software application that can help you organize and keep track of your PLR memberships...

... and it's free to download, so rush over to the link below to grab your copy:

While there, you'll see that Jason is also offering some new exclusive niche audio products with private label resell rights. I suggest you pick those up as well if you're looking for some high quality audio products to rebrand and sell as your own.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A New Talking Ebook Gift from Michael Green...

I know that you're always interested in finding ways to maximize your time, but imagine being able to find more time AND produce more profit! That's exactly the challenge overcome by a remarkable new Talking Ebook from my friends, Michael Green and Peter Twist. It's called: 'How To Profit From Your Diary', and it shows you how to take your humble diary, be it paper-based or on your computer and turn it into the
greatest profit center that you've so far been missing!

In my opinion, just ONE of the 10 tips about the way that you should be planning your day is worth its weight in GOLD! In fact, I loved this Diary Profits Talking Ebook so much that I begged permission to send it out to my own subscribers, and that of course means you ;-)

I'm delighted to let you know that there's a copy of 'How To Profit From Your Diary' waiting for you here:

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Product Review: Russell Brunson's LinkBrander

Here's a (free) traffic generating tool that I can recommend without hesitation. Not only is it free to use, but LinkBrander does also a great job shortening long URL's. Even if you had to shell out money it would be well worth it.

The first thing I did after downloading LinkBrander was convert all my long affiliate links into short links. Before doing this all my links looked something like:

Not only did I feel this type of link looked unprofessional but I never liked having my affiliate I.D. so exposed. It's just an open invitation for commission stealing.Now all my links look something like this:

Definitely more cool. And notice my affiliate I.D. is no longer exposed. But that is just one of the many benefits. In return, LinkBrander places a small ad with a link inside, sitting on the bottom or top of my web page.

It is noticeable, yes, but unobtrusive and it certainly does not interfere with the rest of my page. I don't mind this at all, particularly because I know that every time someone clicks on my site and an ad like that appears, I'm earning advertising credits.

In return for providing that small bit of virtual real estate, I receive the same courtesy from other LinkBrander members.

Since I joined LinkBrander, I have encouraged many business friends and subscribers to also sign up for an account,and as a result, I have multiplied my advertising credits seriously.

Right now, my ad link is appearing thousand of times on different LinkBrander member web sites all over the Internet. The traffic I am receiving as a result of this exposure I don't have to pay for... and it involves no hassles on my part... and my new visitors probably would not have found me any other way.

I can't imagine why any serious marketer would hesitate to download this software.

It costs nothing. It is easy to use. And the software provides a ton of benefits. It is number one on my recommendation list. Check it out for yourself:

And soon your link may be on my web site ;-)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New to Public Domain works? Here's a free email course

If you've been connected with the publishing industry, you may have heard about the term "public domain". But what exactly is public domain -and more important... how can YOU profit from it? Here's a free email course on "How To Profit From Public Domain Information", plus you'll also get 7 Public Domain works all ready to go. No strings attached:

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Free marketing products worth $197

Here's a great marketing course from Richard Legg (worth $197) at no-cost... I liked it a lot, and I thought of you when I got it to use myself:

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Free report on using video on your website or blog

Offering a video presentation about your product or service on your web site, or blog, is a hot trend in Internet Marketing.But a lousy video presentation can make people click away… and never return again to your site…So… how do you do it right? How do you create an attention-grabbing video? And where do you find cheap -if not free- software to create your video?Well, there’s a new (and free) report just out by Marlon Sanders that answers all your questions. Marlon shows you -in his well known laid-back style- about the 5 major mistakes that people make with their video blog…If you have any intentions to use video on your web site (or sales page), you really need to see it. The report is in .PDF format, so anyone can read it. You can download the report here

How the "Rich Jerk" got rich... revealed

“How The Rich Jerk Got Rich” is a detailed study of how the sales page for one of the Internet’s most successful marketing Ebooks was set up to sell so well. You’ll find out how to properly use graphics, colors and text on your sales page, to boost your profits. Get this guide, apply the simple tips, and you’ll be able to increase your own product sales instantly. (The Ebook is currently selling at $49.97 elswhere, but I’m practically giving it away -Resell Rights Included.) You can read more about it here

Note: Even if you don’t want to buy the guide, I recommend you to check out the special Bonus book that comes with the “Rich Jerk” report. The bonus by itself is worth twice the cost of your initial purchase… To Your Success!

Free Instant Viral Ebooks... with branding rights

Bob Hampton from Instant Viral Ebooks is offering you a package of brandible Ebooks that you can sell or give away. You can brand each of the Ebooks with your name, the name of your web site and your web site URL. This could result in driving targeted traffic to your website and your opt-in form. Just click here to get free access...

Free Report: "What are name squeeze pages..."

You’ve heard about Squeeze Pages, right? A squeeze page allows you to insert your visitors name into your sales page automatically via a special form and is a very important tool in online marketing. The special report; “What Are Name Squeeze Pages And How To Benefit From Them” will tell you why you should use a squeeze page, and how to set one up. Click here to download the special report

If you want to have your own squeeze page working for you automatically, 24/7, but don't want to spend a fortune on expensive squeeze page software, you can download a copy of Garrie Wilsons’ Poor Boy Squeeze Page Garries script is very easy to use, and comes with an instructional video, and Master Resale Rights included… And this for only $9.97!!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Working with Resale Rights

You’ve probably heard about Ebooks with Resale Rights by now. Resale rights are often included with your purchase when you order an Ebook, a software program -or any other product. You then get the Ebook itself, plus a mini-site with graphics, to start selling the product from your own web site. It’s a great way to earn profits online. I do this all the time, and it works like magic.

To find out how you can make insane profits selling other people’s products, you should download my free ecourse:
If you don’t sign up, you’re really missing the point on how resale rights work… and how to benefit from it…

However… it’s not all that simple… Before you start selling an Ebook, or Ebook package, you should check with the publisher if you can modify the sales page. Give it a new “catchy” name. Add some bonus gifts to it. It’s much better to “repackage” a product and make it stand out from the rest. That’s the best way to make many sales. It’s a proven rule… and all the Ebook marketers that I know, and who are successful, do it just like that.

Now, where do you get Ebooks with Resell Rights? Here’s one place: It's my “Digital Reseller Vault”, and all the members receive a new product with resell rights every month for a (low) monthly fee.

PS: If you are on my “Special Sunday Discounts” list, then you can also get products at bottom prices:

Free 7 day eCourse on how to earn monthly income online

Jimmy D. Brown’s eCourse: “The scientific, mathematic, this-is-what-Einstein-would-have-done approach to earning monthly income on the Web” was developed specifically for people who want to get the most out of their online Info-Publishing business… that means you too… You can sign up for free here Trust me, you’ll thank me later ;-)

Free Ebook: "List And Profits" by Raam Anand

This is cool! It’s a new Ebook by Raam Anand, showing you how to build, grow and profit from your own lists - all within 30 days or less! I’ve secured a free copy for you. Download the important PDF manual along with a bunch of ‘never-released-before’ special reports at no-cost to you. You can check it out at:

I especially liked the “4-Step System” to quickly build HUGE members lists all the while getting paid to do so! Incredible, I must say. So, go and claim your copy without further delay and while it’s STILL free…

Free Report: "Creating The Perfect eCourse With Private Label Content"

Profits matter. It is the primary goal in running an Internet business. Settle for nothing less than good profits. That is the key to success. Here’s a Special Report, called “Creating The Perfect eCourse With Private Label Content”.

It’s written in PDF, and contains a special gift, valued at $97.00… This report will show you how to create a “profit-generating” email course. You can download it -for free- here:

Free Ebook "The eSuccess Code"

You can download a step-by-step guide that reveals a simple, yet powerful, “No B.S.” system you can duplicate to create cash on demand. Plus, you will also get a $397 value, special video package, and all free…

As soon as I landed on the page I could instantly feel a strong vibe coming off the screen. Then I hesitated, just for a second, and began to wonder how much it was going to cost me to get this amazing package. So, I read through the page and couldn’t believe when I read that it’s really free…

You are going to learn the hottest and most cutting-edge Internet Marketing strategies anyone can use to earn profits online… no matter what you sell, how much experience you have or what kind of budget you have to work with… Don’t hesitate or postpone 1 milli-second. Check this out now! This is absolutely amazing!

Free Report: "The Benefits Of Buying Private Label Rights"

If you’re new to Private Label Rights, then here's a short report you'll find interesting. “The Benefits of Buying Private Label Rights” (in PDF format), will explain how PLR can build your Info-Publishing business fast and easy, and increase your online sales at the same time. (A $27.00 value, but yours 100% free!) The report can be downloaded from here

20 Private Label Ebooks for under $10…

I love private label rights… I buy as much of it as I can get my hands on. But I’ve never seen anything like this…

You get 20 instant niche businesses for mere pennies each… And it’s no joke! In fact, this amazing package is soo underpriced, I guarantee you will be walking away with a copy of each product today… Only $9.97 for 20 high-quality products that you can put your name on, yep… you can do whatever you want with them.

TIP: Pick a few of the products and edit the content a bit (to make it more original), then slap your name as the author and you’re in business my friend. But you can always resell the products just the way they are. It is up to you.But, you better hurry, this could end at anytime without warning!

New brandible Ebook to profit from

You can now brand a copy of the “Benefits Of Buying Private Label Rights” report with your own affiliate link, and earn 60% commission on every sale that you make for my “Private Label Secrets” book. Click here for details. Branding the report is very simple to do, and you’ll get detailed instructions.



It’s good to see you here. I just set up this blog to announce new resale rights produts and other useful resources, so visit here often, and you’ll find something new.

My name is Dirk Dupon, and I am an Ebook Marketer and Info-Publisher since the very beginning of the Internet. You can view my Ebook marketing and promotion web site at:

I may be know for my 4-day email course where I show people how to write, create, promote and sell an Ebook on the Internet. This course has been requested by over 4000 people until now, and I still get new sign ups, so I guess it offers some quality You can still sign up (for free) at the above web site.

I also run a membership site where I give members a new product with Resale Rights every month. You can read more about it here:

Thanks for your visit!

Dirk Dupon