Monday, December 15, 2008

How to setup a paid membership site -free report

I just started a new newsletter, packed with quality info for people who want to really make it online. You can download the first issue here:

In the first issue, I'll show you how to setup a paid membership site without any technical skills or a script.

But there's more... you will also receive a 5 day eCourse, that shows you how to write your own free reports, and how to profit from them.

And... you will get 5 squeeze page to build a huge list with your reports, once they're written.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Your Christmas calendar gift

Ho Ho Ho... yep, Christmas time is here again, and I have a special Christmas gift for you from my friend Lakshmi Sandhana:

<== Just scroll down the page to download your calendar, and plan your party.

You may also be interested in my Special Reseller Package; called the "Newbie Checklist":

This new package is aimed at newbies who just get their feet wet in the Internet Marketing world, and also contains 4 hot-selling PLR products as a bonus gift, so it covers all you'll ever need to get your new online business started in the new year..., ain't that a lot of marketing goodies, for a real bargain... ;-)

Friday, October 31, 2008

Beyond The Newbie - Free Ebook To Start A Business Online

If you're just starting online, and want to know how to build a real profitable business, here's a FREE Ebook that will get you started.

Discover the vital aspects of Internet marketing so that you can beat the learning curve and start making money immediately.

You will finally put money in your pocket and learn the skills you won't be able to learn on your own. This is your chance to learn what everyone else already knows...

Beyond The Newbie is one of the most informative guides released on the Internet, and you can download it now FREE:

The book sells at $17, but you get it for nada... and there's also a useful bonus included, so enjoy!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Job Hunting Reports To Resell Or Build A List With

Have you watched the news recently? Then you've noticed that times are changing.

Major banks are going down. People can't pay their mortgages and risk loosing their house and job.

So, how can we, Internet marketers, jump in on this negative trend, and make a buck from it?

Well, we can point people in the right direction by showing them how to get their comfortable life back.

For example... many people will start looking for a new job, to pay of their debt, and the Internet will be one of the first places they go to.

So, what can you do?

- You can set up a blog or website with job interview tips, and add affiliate links to sites where they can buy information on how to make a living online.

- You can offer an eCourse, teaching people how to get started selling Info Products online.

- Or you can sell an Ebook that shows people how to ace that new job, just like this one:

=> If you plan to set up a job hunting site, here's a set of special reports that you can use to resell, or build a new list with:

...and the price is kept at a strict minimum ;-)

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Turn Key Cash Kits - Get Your Free Profitable Plug In Site

Making money online comes down to having a "system" in place. All the big name "gurus" have one (actually, they have several).

You need a system that will build YOU a list and turn them into buyers who pay YOU!

Well, that type of system is now available for free, but only for a limited time.

I have asked a business friend of mine, Stuart Stirling, to allow you full access to his brand new Turn Key Cash Kits membership site.

Download Your Free Cash Kits Here:

Here's what you get with your free_membership...

* Plug-in "re-brandable" list building websites to build YOU a list of targeted subscribers

* Info-packed "re-brandable" reports you give away after you brand them with YOUR name, YOUR website and YOUR affiliate links

* Follow-Up email sequence that warms up your new subscribers and encourages them to buy through YOUR affiliate links!

All the hard work has been done for you!

Simply sign up, download, plug in and watch your multiple income stream cash kits go to work for you.

There is even a section in the member's area on "how to get traffic" to your cash kits and "how to monetize" them EVEN more profit!

Claim Your Free Cash Kits Membership Here:

Sunday, September 21, 2008

247 Traffic Tips For Your Website - Free Report

Let’s face it... getting traffic to your website or blog is a never ending challenge. But it’s a necessary challenge, because without traffic you can’t do much of anything.

So you are probably – like me – always on the lookout for new traffic generation methods and as many good ways to do it as you possibly can.
The new Traffic Tips Report claims to do just that. This is a recently released report from expert internet marketer Justin Michie. Being an internet marketer himself, Justin should have a good hold on traffic generation. But as with anything online I thought it was worth taking a closer look. And the results were actually quite impressive.

For starters, the report doesn’t just show you a few ways to generate website traffic, it delivers 247 unique ways to get traffic to your site. Right from the start that’s something that any website or blog owner can use. On top of that, the report is actually free! Justin is currently giving it away to anyone who wants it.

And even though it’s free, the methods outlined in this report should be able to increase your traffic significantly in just a matter of days. The great thing about this report is that it includes both free and paid traffic generation methods.

So whether you are just starting out and you have time to invest but little money, or you’ve been making money online for awhile and have the money but not the time – there are plenty of ideas in here to up your traffic stats.

Just don’t let the amount of ideas in here overwhelm you – don’t try to do it all at once, pace yourself! Some of the methods will result in short term traffic and others will result in long term traffic.

If you start with a few of short term and a few long term methods from this report you can give your site a quick burst of traffic right away while building long term traffic. This will help your traffic grow quickly and still sustain itself so you’ll be getting plenty of visitors month after month.

The report has been reviewed by some of the most successful and well known internet marketers. Joel Comm and Willie Crawford both highly recommended it, when Justin was charging money for it. (It had been selling at the discounted rate of $7.) Joel calls it a “really valuable resource” that all internet marketers should have. And Willie “recommends it to all of his clients and subscribers.” When you have endorsements like these you really can’t go wrong!

Another great thing about this report is that it will work for any type of niche. It doesn’t matter if you have a website on puppies or a blog about day trading. There are traffic generation methods in it that will work for everyone and every niche.

As we all know the internet is constantly evolving. To be successful, you have got to stay ahead of your competition. You can easily do this by using some of these unique marketing methods Justin has outlined.

If you use just one of these methods, you could easily double the amount of traffic you are receiving. Just imagine what could happen if you use ten, fifty or all 247? You would have a traffic explosion! All from one little report.

So if you are looking for unique ways to drive more traffic to your site, you really need to look no further than the Traffic Tips Report. If you want a copy (while it’s still free) you can download it now. It's a no brainer decision!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Real Estate Reports And Ebooks To Profit From

The real estate niche is one of the best selling niches at this moment.

Here's a video that proves it:

Many people are looking for information on buying or renting real estate, and that's why I have uploaded a set of real estate reports and Ebooks that you can use to build a targeted opt-in list.

You can also sell these reports and keep all the profit in your pocket. But I recommend you to give away the reports from your own website (or real estate blog) and follow up on your new list with related product offers or programs.

If you go to Clickbank, you'll find a huge arsenal of real estate products that you can promote, and earn some good money from.

To get your Real Estate Wealth Reports, go here:

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Twitter Report - Summary, Review and Free Copy

I just read a new report about using Twitter as a marketing tool, by Walter M. Prorok Jr. and Chris Vendilli. Inside their report, Walt & Chris talk about the in's & out's of configuring your Twitter account along with some free third party services to maximize your traffic & exposure.

I was skeptical at first, but after reading through the whole report and watching a couple of the videos available at their website I must say, I'm beyond impressed.

These two guys have been silently attracting visitor after visitor to their sites using Twitter, and they've created a step by step guide so that anyone can replicate their ideas & systems.

Yes, that's right, it's another "system." Most of us, as marketers, have pretty much come to recognize the word "system" as overused and often incorrectly placed. But, with "The Twitter Report" and the videos that follow, this stuff really is formatted into what you could correctly label a "system" at it's finest.

Walt & Chris have uncovered every known tip & trick for setting up your Twitter account to give you maximum return per tweet, while keeping everything on auto-pilot as much as possible. They leave nothing to question and go pretty in depth.

Most of the stuff they cover includes many things you could likely figure out on your own, however, this report can save you the time & aggravation of having to go through trial and error while you make the same mistakes they've already made for you, & neatly documented along the way.

Why waste time, energy, and money trying to figure it all out on your own when you could just see how it all worked out for them and simply follow their suggestions, which are already proven to work successfully?

After reading the report and watching some of the videos I give two enthusiastic thumbs up, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to stay on the cutting edge of this new wave of communications & hyper-connectedness.

You'll learn how to configure your settings, which 3rd party sites to join & how to set them up to run campaigns automatically, and much more.

I'm sure you'll enjoy "The Twitter Report" as much as I did and you can go check it out here:

Saturday, August 16, 2008

As An Info-Publisher You Should Always Be In Sales Mode

There are so many people out there nowadays claiming to be sales guru's. It seems like every where I look I see some self proclaimed “sales master” telling me I can become a millionaire if I just read his “free” report! These guys crack me up.

The sad part about it is that they're still around because people fall for their cunning sales pages and buy their products. What actually qualifies you to be a sales “expert” worthy of selling your secrets to someone anyway?

Have you ever done hard core, 100% commission, door to door sales in 115 degree weather (or -20 degrees for that matter) wearing a 3 piece suit?

Have you ever built a power house team of cold contacting sales experts from scratch, selling pizza coupons door to door none the less? Let me guess.. “NO!” . . . to that one as well.

I would love to do an experiment one day and take one of these “sales gurus” let him pick the time, place and product, then put me on one side of the street and him on the other and lets see what happens.

No need to wait for the results, I'll can tell you right now what will happen, I will BLOW them away! That is a fact.

I'm not trying to be cocky or arrogant here I 'm simply stressing a point. I 'm an accomplished professional, hard core sales expert and I 'm available to prove it any day of the week.

I believe what sets me apart from the rest of these clowns is my attitude. I am always in sales mode, I am relentless in my pursuit of buyers. That is the key.

I don't just find the closest human being with a pulse and try to cram my product down their throat whether they need it or not. Instead, I bust my hump and move from person to person until I identify my buyer.

Here's the best part... when I do find a buyer, I've struck gold!

This is because I'm not just going to sell him one item. I'm going to sell him (or her) everything I can! Thats the difference between me and them. I smarten up, I open the market up!

I don't try to turn a “NO” into a “YES” because that will only turn around to bite me in the ass later. Instead, I quickly identify buying and non-buying signs to determine whether or not this prospect is worthy of my sales pitch.

Here's 3 simple things you can do to increase your sales regardless of what you sell or where you sell, Internet, face to face, telemarketing, whatever... It doesn't matter. This stuff works everywhere and if you're not doing it your just missing the boat!

#1 Always be in a hurry. This is called “Urgency” I've got no time to sit down and have a cup of coffee with you Mr. Prospect. I've got BUYERS to get to. So lets get this deal closed and we can both get on with our busy day.

#2 Be prepared for EVERY objection. A sale without an objection is like a bowl of cereal without the milk. Expect several objections during every presentation. Thats whats supposed to happen!!! Edify the prospect, give them your pre-rehearsed rebuttal and CLOSE the deal!

#3 Take Control! No one is going to stop you in your tracks and say “Are you a salesman?? Here's my money I'll take everything you've got!” You have to get over the fear of rejection and TELL them it's time to pay for their product.

Train your customer to say yes to you throughout your pitch with close ended questions. This way they wont hesitate to reach for their wallets when you tell them it's time to pay.

Click here to find out how to setup your own Info-Publishing Imperium...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why You Should Not Use YouTube Videos On Your Site

Thinking about using video on your website? Then before you do it, be sure to download a copy of the "Video Resource List" - it's free right here:

I'm sure that if you've ever thought about putting video on your website, you've had the thought...

"Why don't I just use to put video on my website?"

I've seen people on webmaster forums giving advice...

"Yeah, use YouTube! It saves bandwidth and it's free!"

Well, let me break the news to you.

You should almost NEVER use YouTube to put a video on your website if it's a website for your business or if it's any kind of important video.

Instead, I recommend a software tool that's called VideoWebWizard 2.0...

YouTube is great for personal videos AND videos that you're trying to get to "go viral," but not for videos for your business's website.


There are at least 8 reasons NOT to use YouTube...

1. Putting your video on YouTube and then "embedding" it on your website for commercial use is, technically, against YouTube's Terms of Service. You probably would not get in trouble, but you never know.

2. YouTube comes across as unprofessional and could hurt your business' image. If you use a YouTube video on your site, YouTube's logo always appears in the bottom right corner of your video.

3. YouTube shows little "thumbnails" (ads) for othervideos after your video finishes. So another video (possibly a competitor's video) could distract your visitor from your site. In fact, clicking on a YouTube video on a page while it's playing opens up, which completely loses your visitor's focus and attention!

4. YouTube videos can be slow & unreliable. Sometimes you'll get an error when trying to watch a video, such as, "We're sorry, this video is no longer available." Not very good if you want to market 100% to your customers, is it?

5. When you put a video on YouTube, you have no control over the quality or file size of the video. It's set to how THEY want it, not how YOU need it.

6. Video playlists are more user-friendly and easier to make and use with VideoWebWizard 2.0 than with Youtube.

7. With VideoWebWizard, you can brand a video on-the-fly with a company logo, copyright notice, or other image. YouTube doesn't have this feature.

8. You can set a "Completion URL" in VideoWebWizard so that when a visitor finishes watching your video, they're automatically redirected to the URL you set. (This is great for affiliate marketing) YouTube doesn'thave this feature.

As you can see, VideoWebWizard really leaves YouTube in the dust when it comes to putting videos on your website!

Sure, YouTube is a decent tool to start off with, but the old "You Get What You Pay For" rule applies here.

VideoWebWizard 2.0 is the more powerful (yet just as easy) software tool. Check it out now...

Monday, August 04, 2008

Free Audio Download of Alex Jeffrey's Post Launch Profits

If you've ever listened to a (free) Info-Product recording, and thought; "Why did I bother wasting my time with that?", you have'nt heard one of Alex Jeffreys audio recordings.

Alex' "Post Launch Profit Secrets" has raised the standard. If you listen to the audio and act on it, you can literally change the way you make an income online.

I bet you heard the term ‘the money is in the list’. Well, Alex takes this concept and explains how anyone can create a list to be proud of... and make money from.

You will not only be able to build just any list, but one that is highly responsive and loves getting their wallets out every time you find a product that you think is worth recommending.

In his free audio recording, Alex takes you step by step describing how he started his own profit generating system. He also goes into great detail on how we can do it ourselves, without having to pay thousands of dollars that Alex did to set him on the path of success he is on now:

With him on the audio is Michael Cheney, who also gives some invaluable insights into the very same list-building system that makes him millions too.

If you are anything like me, you will be thrilled with the information contained within this recordng.

In a few weeks time you can also own a list to shoot off emails to and make money from... and I’m sure that sounds good to you too ;-)

Friday, August 01, 2008

How To Profit From Public Domain Works

One of the easiest ways to creating your own product is by using public domain. There are thousands of copyright-free works out there, just waiting for you to be picked up and re-sold.

Note: Did you know that the Disney company was built on public domain? Many of their classics came right from the public domain.

But if you plan to use public domain works, you may face a few problems. For example...

1. Finding good products
2. Knowing for sure it's in the public domain.
3. How to make them into new products.

However, thanks to the Public Domain Survival Kit, those problems are solved with 5 products:

1. Public Domain Advantage

2. Public Domain Expert Toolbar, Lite Edition

3. The Report Factory

4. Public Domain Code-Breaker Report

5. Public Domain First-Aid Kit

With these 5 products in hand, you will finally be able to profit from pubic domain, easily and quickly.

To discover all the details and grab your kit today, simply click the link below:

Oh, it also comes with Master Resell Rights. Which gives you an additional method to profit by.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Free SEO tools to generate more targeted traffic to your site

Ok, I'm not a SEO expert...which is why I've been spending a lot of time at Free Web Tools lately. SEO experts Charles Kirkland and Jeff Alderson have created SEO software that helps you nab the top spots on Google.

Amazingly, in this short period of time, my sites have better page rankings than ever. Charles and Jeff are letting me invite a select number of people to join Free Web Tools:

Here's what you get:

* Blog Link Finder - Shows you the blogs with no follow tags and the best page ranks in any niche. You no longer have to manually hunt for blogs to leave comments on.

* Affiliate Promo Page Generator - If you want affiliates to promote your product you need to give them the tools. This generator creates an affiliate page for you and gives you templates for promotional tools like text ads, articles, email ads and more.

* Link Popularity Checker - This cool tool lets you spy on your competitors. Also keeps track of your SEO and link building efforts

The point of this software is to help you optimize your site even if your site has never seen page one of Google.

You don't have to have the prettiest site or the most unique product.

You just need access to the best tools that will get your top rankings for all your keywords and all the free targeted traffic you could want.

There's safety...and numbers. You don't have to be a lone wolf and reinvent the SEO wheel by yourself.

Even though this is a community, Jeff and Charles won't be able to give you the proper attention if it gets too large, so join today before they close:

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

3 Essential Blogging Tips To Get Traffic To Your Blog

You know how big blogging is and how profitable it can be. But what you may not know is the correct way to do it for maximum effect.

So, below you will find a few things that you should always do when you blog.

Even if it's just for fun ;-)

1) Post To Your Blog Frequently

You will quickly notice that the more posts you make to your blog, the more traffic you'll get from the search engines.

Plus... if you are constantly posting new content then people will return to check out for more. So write a new post at least four or five times a week.

2) Digg Your Blog is a popular social bookmarking site. All you have to do is sign-up on the site and then every time you make a new post you will go back to Digg and put in the URL of your blog.

You will need to write a couple sentences as a preview for what you're posting on Digg.

Try to include a line that will really capture people's curiosity so they'll click to your blog.

3) Add Your Blog To StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is another bookmarking site. It's actually very easy to add your new blog entries to StumbleUpon once you are signedup with the site.

While signing-up, choose to install their toolbar. Then whenever you write a new blog entry all you need to do is click on "I Like It" at the top of your screen. You will literally be able to add your entry toStumbleUpon in less than 30 seconds.

Most people get pretty excited when they first start blogging, but for many, that initial excitement just doesn't last.

But do you know what's one of the main reasons why most people stop blogging after a time?

Because it's troublesome having to manually update your blog everyday...

No doubt, niche blogs or content sites have a huge potential to make you money. Many niche bloggers rake in handsome rewards for their efforts, month after month.

But still, having to post to your blog every single day can be tedious and time consuming.

So, just think what it would mean to you if you had a solution capable of automating your blog postings for months or even years to come?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A New Revolutional Give Away Event

I'm not sure how to call this next big step in the Giveaway Industry... Is it an Evolution? Or a Revolution?

However... this brand new concept that my fellow marketer Guido Nussbaum came up with will blow up the Giveaway Industry!

What has he done?

Well, he has combined the power of a Giveaway Event with an Automated Sales System. He made it possible for the very newbies to cash in big time! You don't need a product... You don't need a list... You don't need to sell anything...

His new program will do it for you... on Autopilot!

Check it out:

For this new project Guido has teamed up with the well-known JV Broker Reed Floren. They both have analyzed hundreds of products and picked only the best ones to generate sales for you.

Yes... all you need to do is follow 4 simple steps and you can start to cash in. If you don't want to miss out on huge commissions, then go to their website now and signup:

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Free Blogging Marketing eCourse

I have some great news to share with you... but first this...

If you've been thinking about setting up your own blog, or need tips to get more traffic to it, here's a brand new eCourse that will help you turn your blog into a Traffic-Generating and Sales Boosting tool:

Join now - and you'll get some useful freebies - stop being a "learner", and start being an "Earner"...

=> And now.. the BIG NEWS...

After a big wait here's a VERY limited opportunity for you...

For the FIRST TIME time ever I'm granting a very small number of Private Label Rights licenses to one of my hottest reports...

"A Quick-Start Guide To Writing Profitable Articles" is my premium list-building product and has helped me to build a huge list, and earn thousands via the build-in affiliate links.

You read my report. You know the info is good.

And now you can turn it into YOUR own product.

Go see what you can do with the PLR license at:

It took me a lot of time to create this report and set up the squeeze page, and it generated some incredible testimonials from several well know marketers.

Now you can make it work for yourself and keep all the profits it generates...

Hit the link below now to see how you can get the PLR source code:

In order to protect the value of the PLR offer, only a stricly limited number of 100 licenses will ever be sold - so you'll have to be quick.

Oh, and before I forget... If you grab this package in the first 48 hours you'll also receive 3 very special Bonuses to profit even more from my report. This is the first time I offer a PLR license to one of my products and it might be the last too.

Check now for the full story and see if any licenses remain -once they're gone they're gone:

=> Get your license now, and create your own product -that you can make multiple streams of income with- in no time...

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Download Web 2.0 Graphics For Free

Do you want some of the best Web 2.0 Graphics for your website, and all free?

Go download your awesome graphics here:

=> Jimmy D. Brown has just re-opened his private Membernaire site.

If you want to find out how to earn a huge monthly income with your own membership site, then this is the place to go:

Friday, June 20, 2008

How to create CD/DVD's to profit from audio marketing -free report

If you've been thinking about creating your own audio products, then here's a new eBook that you will like.

"Audio Marketing Revealed" contains 10 expert articles that will show you how to turn your digital info into Hot Audio Products. You can download your FREE COPY here

No forms to fill in. Just the quick link.

You may have noticed that, if one marketing method becomes popular, then everyone starts doing it and it slowly starts losing its effectiveness.

For example, take PDF eBooks.

Up until recently, they were the norm... Everyone sold them, but as soon as the Audio/Video boom came earlier this year, eBooks alone started losing their power.

So, top Internet marketers started selling videos and audio's.

And as soon as they started doing that, everyone else followed, and soon they might lose their effectiveness too.

However, all along the way, one marketing medium has stood the test of time...

"Physical Info-Products"

Yes, it is a known fact that packaging products into CDs or DVD's dramatically increases their perceived value.

Then why isn’t everyone doing it?

Because it could not be automated, and the process was time consuming and expensive.

There were a few PHP scripts which could automate the task with the help of the mega-giant DVD producing company, but they were hard to use and rather costly.

Enter… Disc Mojo

DiscMojo is a CD/DVD automation tool that costs only $10, and is very easy to use.

Now, everyone can have their own physical info-products and rake in the big bucks like the gurus do...

Imagine what it would be like to price your same $47 eBook as a $97 or even a $147 Video DVD Course with minimal work on your part and receive more conversions and ultimately double or triple the income you make with the same amount of traffic!

Now you setup these physical infoproduct income streams as easily as digital products. Get your copy now before the price goes up!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Michael Rasmussen's free Mini Site Profits video's

Have you been putting off creating a mini site, just because you don't consider yourself a "techie"?

If you have, then I've got some exciting news for you which will allow you to finally have a mini site of your own, without all the confusing trial and error that usually comes with creating one:

You see, my friend Michael Rasmussen has just released an incredible set of videos that will show you how to create a mini site from the ground up, and then he'll show you how to begin making money with it right away. Did I mention they'are FREE?

These videos will take you by the hand, and walk you through the process of creating your first mini site, and then show you exactly what to do next in order to turn it into an automated income stream.

Michael Rasmussen realizes that you might not know who he is yet, and so he's willing to GIVE AWAY one of his best products in order to win you over. He figures that you'll be so blown away by his videos that you'll want to do business with him in the future. I wish every marketer was like that...

PS. Once you get your first site making money 24 hours a day, then you can create a second, third, fourth... heck, you can create an entire mini site empire using these videos as your guide:

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How To Use The Power Of Articles To Generate Tons Of Traffic And Cash

Discover How To Use The Power Of Articles To Generate Tons Of Traffic And Cash.

I'm glad to offer you what I think is one of the best values I've ever announced... no kidding...

You get a copy of Josh Jenkins' Article Profit Formula ($97 Value) absolutely free.

This detailed Ebook and complete audio session shows you a super fast way to create top notch articles that will make your profits soar.

I was given access to the "Thank You Page" and told I could share it with anyone... The member's access code to get access is: "MAMBO" Go here to get your copy:

Don't write a word before you read this... it's that important!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Motivational Tips For Writing Your First Traffic-Generating Article

It is a fact that writing your own articles can bring in hundreds of new visitors/customers to your website.

The Internet is nothing else than a huge information database, explored by millions of people who are looking for information on specific topics.

When people come across your article and read your information, they will consider you as an expert. As someone who is experienced in your niche.

In return for sharing your knowledge with them, they will come to your website, and see what else you have to offer.

Another reason that articles can generate a lot of traffic, is that search engines love great content. Search engine spiders constantly crawl all over the web, looking for quality information to offer to their users.

If you can provide great content to the search engines, their users will be happy. And to reward you for delivering what people are looking for, they will give you a high listing.

As a result, hurdles of traffic (read potential buyers) will find your website.

An informative article, filled with lots of keywords and an attractive title, is the best guarantee to getting a lot of traffic, and this without paying for it.

One thing you need to understand, and that is that, everybody can write. Many people totally freeze up when they hear about writing. They believe that writing is an art.

Well, it's no art, it's fun!

The key to getting that first article out comes down to knowing what you are going to write about.

The following tips will help you get started:

- A good article tells the reader something that he/she did not know before. People reading articles expect to either learn something, or to be entertained, and in the ideal case, both.

So, always try to keep the readers attention.

You can be funny, or add a special comment. An article is also not a grammatical masterpiece. You don’t have to show off how good you are with word.

On the contrary; If you write like you speak to a real human, your readers will feel comfortable with you and your style.

- You should always write about something that you have a passion for. You may love playing golf, or have a passion for gardening.

Whatever it is, if you have a strong feeling for your subject (or niche), and you know something that other people may not know, then you have taken the first step to your new article.

- Once you know where to write about, you can use the search engines to do more research. The search engines are a great place to find inspiration.

Take notes. These notes will help you if you lack inspiration.

The more articles you write, the more likely it is that you will receive traffic to your website, and traffic means sales.

And the great thing is that, once you've written an article, it becomes a viral marketing tool for years to come. It is really that simple.

You just need to get yourself started.

Need more info about using articles? Get my free report at:

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

How to write profitable articles fast - free report

I'm proud like a new born's father... read on why...

Many people panic when it comes down to writing articles.

However, writing really doesn't need to be difficult. I just created a new report that will show you the quick way to writing 20-50 articles every day.

I will even show you where to post your articles, and get paid to do it.

And you're the first one to see it... as the "baby" is waiting for you -at his own domain:

Like I said... so proud I am... :-)

Ooops, did I mention that it's free? Now I did...
Not convinced that articles work? Check out this video to see prove:

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Setup a profitable Google Adwords campaign - Free Report

Without doubt the quickest way to generate traffic to a website is by using Google AdWords. AdWords are the small ads that you see in the right column of the page after a Google search. For a full explanation and sign-up visit:

It's also know that an AdWords campaign can cost you a ton if you select the wrong keywords. But I'm about to show you the right way...

If you're struggling like mad to squeeze a few pennies per day out of AdWords - or if you're too scared even to start using AdWords because you think you'll crash your bank account then you simply MUST read this (free) report:

It will open your eyes -and save you a lot of money...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Free Clickbank and Adsense sites every month

I've just discovered a new site, where you can download a (free) profitable website every month. All the sites come loaded with valuable content and information, and all have excellent earning potential.

1) The promotional eBooks on the websites are linked to Clickbank.

When you replace the default Clickbank ID with your ownyou are entitled to a 50% commission from anyone who buys the eBook from your website link.

2) You can insert your own Google AdSense links

The Google ads are fairly obvious, if a visitor clicks your ads; you get paid...

- You can also download an Google ads-free site if you don't want to use the AdSense ads.

Here's the website:

I can't make it any easier for you to profit online...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Get a free squeeze page generator

As you know, list building is an integral part of any marketer's online marketing efforts.

And one of the most effective ways of building a list is simply to drive targeted traffic to a squeeze page which you've created.

But if you're a newbie, it could be quite a hassle especially if you've had no prior experience.

The good news is, I've just got hold of a very useful piece of squeeze page generator which takes all the hard work away.

It comes with resell rights included, so get it here:

This new tool will create squeeze pages in seconds... and if you really want to profit from it, you can also monetize it with your own money-generating links.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

This Ebook will strike it for you...

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So, what's the deal?

Well... this is...

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Or, if you've ever considered running a decent Info-Business, and want to make it work...

... then here's the truth -and nothing but the truth- about making a decent income with Ebooks:

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And that's not too smart. No? ;-)

Friday, February 29, 2008

Here's free access to my new membership site

I just created a brand new membership site (that is free to join), where you can download some excellent Ebooks with Resell and Private Label Rights.

You will also find some great marketing tools and resources there, that will help you to build your online business.

=> PLUS... I'm giving you the chance to earn a nice $14,38 Clickbank commission when you tell other people to join too.

Sounds too good to be true?

Really, it isn't ;-)

Check the site with more info:

If you are selling anything online, or promote affiliate programs, this brand new membership site will help you to increase your sales by up to 200%.

I also setup a "Members Only Discount" section, and I can include any IM related offer that you are willing to give to my members there.

Monday, February 18, 2008

A private call with Frank Kern

Wow, I'm excited...

Here's why.

I just listened to Frank Kern's interview with Simon Hodgkinson; "Mass Control Revealed".

In this private call, Frank will show you how anyone can re-package and launch any Info-Product and turn it quickly into an "I-Gotta-Have-This-Product-Now!"

I have added the files to my Digital Reseller Vault membersite for all my members to get a copy:

I'm sure this call will help them to boost their online sales and profits.

=> If you're not a member, you can get yours here:

=> Note: this copy is for your personal use only. You may not sell it.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Get a PLR headstart

It's a fact...

Creating new Info-Products isn't that easy.

It takes a lot of time to come up with a high-demand product for any niche market, and that's why I highly recommend you to buy Resell Rights.

With resell rights, you can start selling online in a matter of minutes...

Modify the sales page with your order link, upload the files to your web server, and push out an email to your list.

It's a proven technique that works over and over again.

And what's even better then resell products are Private Label Rights. With PLR you can modify the products as YOU wrote them all by yourself.

But where to get PLR products?

Well, here's a hint...

You can now own **NO RESTRICTION** Private Label Rights to 4 Smoking Hot New EBooks... which you can call your own and do anything you want with them...

=> Here's the link:

You can use these Ebooks to add content for an eCourse, Ezine, blog, or change the source file
completely, and then sell them for as much as you wish.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Create your own YouTube video site, the easy way

I've just created a complete video site, where people can watch hundreds of online video's (without hosting any of them on my own site), and at the same time I'm building a list of targeted leads, and promote affiliate programs.

The site is about poker video's. Wanna sneek peek? Go here:

Now, why am I telling you this?

Because you too can create unlimited video sites in a snap.

Imagine sending people to a web site where they can view all kinds of videos that you have selected, and at the same time earn a nice income with it...

... exposing your affiliate and AdSense links over and over...

... offering them an Ecourse or Ezine subscription...

... making you look professional...

...and all that without spending one cent on bandwith hosting, or working long hours on updating the site.

Here's the easy tool that I used:

Don't worry about installing, it's all done by a few mouse clicks... and it also comes with resell rights included, so don't hesitate ;-)