Monday, August 25, 2008

The Twitter Report - Summary, Review and Free Copy

I just read a new report about using Twitter as a marketing tool, by Walter M. Prorok Jr. and Chris Vendilli. Inside their report, Walt & Chris talk about the in's & out's of configuring your Twitter account along with some free third party services to maximize your traffic & exposure.

I was skeptical at first, but after reading through the whole report and watching a couple of the videos available at their website I must say, I'm beyond impressed.

These two guys have been silently attracting visitor after visitor to their sites using Twitter, and they've created a step by step guide so that anyone can replicate their ideas & systems.

Yes, that's right, it's another "system." Most of us, as marketers, have pretty much come to recognize the word "system" as overused and often incorrectly placed. But, with "The Twitter Report" and the videos that follow, this stuff really is formatted into what you could correctly label a "system" at it's finest.

Walt & Chris have uncovered every known tip & trick for setting up your Twitter account to give you maximum return per tweet, while keeping everything on auto-pilot as much as possible. They leave nothing to question and go pretty in depth.

Most of the stuff they cover includes many things you could likely figure out on your own, however, this report can save you the time & aggravation of having to go through trial and error while you make the same mistakes they've already made for you, & neatly documented along the way.

Why waste time, energy, and money trying to figure it all out on your own when you could just see how it all worked out for them and simply follow their suggestions, which are already proven to work successfully?

After reading the report and watching some of the videos I give two enthusiastic thumbs up, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to stay on the cutting edge of this new wave of communications & hyper-connectedness.

You'll learn how to configure your settings, which 3rd party sites to join & how to set them up to run campaigns automatically, and much more.

I'm sure you'll enjoy "The Twitter Report" as much as I did and you can go check it out here:

Saturday, August 16, 2008

As An Info-Publisher You Should Always Be In Sales Mode

There are so many people out there nowadays claiming to be sales guru's. It seems like every where I look I see some self proclaimed “sales master” telling me I can become a millionaire if I just read his “free” report! These guys crack me up.

The sad part about it is that they're still around because people fall for their cunning sales pages and buy their products. What actually qualifies you to be a sales “expert” worthy of selling your secrets to someone anyway?

Have you ever done hard core, 100% commission, door to door sales in 115 degree weather (or -20 degrees for that matter) wearing a 3 piece suit?

Have you ever built a power house team of cold contacting sales experts from scratch, selling pizza coupons door to door none the less? Let me guess.. “NO!” . . . to that one as well.

I would love to do an experiment one day and take one of these “sales gurus” let him pick the time, place and product, then put me on one side of the street and him on the other and lets see what happens.

No need to wait for the results, I'll can tell you right now what will happen, I will BLOW them away! That is a fact.

I'm not trying to be cocky or arrogant here I 'm simply stressing a point. I 'm an accomplished professional, hard core sales expert and I 'm available to prove it any day of the week.

I believe what sets me apart from the rest of these clowns is my attitude. I am always in sales mode, I am relentless in my pursuit of buyers. That is the key.

I don't just find the closest human being with a pulse and try to cram my product down their throat whether they need it or not. Instead, I bust my hump and move from person to person until I identify my buyer.

Here's the best part... when I do find a buyer, I've struck gold!

This is because I'm not just going to sell him one item. I'm going to sell him (or her) everything I can! Thats the difference between me and them. I smarten up, I open the market up!

I don't try to turn a “NO” into a “YES” because that will only turn around to bite me in the ass later. Instead, I quickly identify buying and non-buying signs to determine whether or not this prospect is worthy of my sales pitch.

Here's 3 simple things you can do to increase your sales regardless of what you sell or where you sell, Internet, face to face, telemarketing, whatever... It doesn't matter. This stuff works everywhere and if you're not doing it your just missing the boat!

#1 Always be in a hurry. This is called “Urgency” I've got no time to sit down and have a cup of coffee with you Mr. Prospect. I've got BUYERS to get to. So lets get this deal closed and we can both get on with our busy day.

#2 Be prepared for EVERY objection. A sale without an objection is like a bowl of cereal without the milk. Expect several objections during every presentation. Thats whats supposed to happen!!! Edify the prospect, give them your pre-rehearsed rebuttal and CLOSE the deal!

#3 Take Control! No one is going to stop you in your tracks and say “Are you a salesman?? Here's my money I'll take everything you've got!” You have to get over the fear of rejection and TELL them it's time to pay for their product.

Train your customer to say yes to you throughout your pitch with close ended questions. This way they wont hesitate to reach for their wallets when you tell them it's time to pay.

Click here to find out how to setup your own Info-Publishing Imperium...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why You Should Not Use YouTube Videos On Your Site

Thinking about using video on your website? Then before you do it, be sure to download a copy of the "Video Resource List" - it's free right here:

I'm sure that if you've ever thought about putting video on your website, you've had the thought...

"Why don't I just use to put video on my website?"

I've seen people on webmaster forums giving advice...

"Yeah, use YouTube! It saves bandwidth and it's free!"

Well, let me break the news to you.

You should almost NEVER use YouTube to put a video on your website if it's a website for your business or if it's any kind of important video.

Instead, I recommend a software tool that's called VideoWebWizard 2.0...

YouTube is great for personal videos AND videos that you're trying to get to "go viral," but not for videos for your business's website.


There are at least 8 reasons NOT to use YouTube...

1. Putting your video on YouTube and then "embedding" it on your website for commercial use is, technically, against YouTube's Terms of Service. You probably would not get in trouble, but you never know.

2. YouTube comes across as unprofessional and could hurt your business' image. If you use a YouTube video on your site, YouTube's logo always appears in the bottom right corner of your video.

3. YouTube shows little "thumbnails" (ads) for othervideos after your video finishes. So another video (possibly a competitor's video) could distract your visitor from your site. In fact, clicking on a YouTube video on a page while it's playing opens up, which completely loses your visitor's focus and attention!

4. YouTube videos can be slow & unreliable. Sometimes you'll get an error when trying to watch a video, such as, "We're sorry, this video is no longer available." Not very good if you want to market 100% to your customers, is it?

5. When you put a video on YouTube, you have no control over the quality or file size of the video. It's set to how THEY want it, not how YOU need it.

6. Video playlists are more user-friendly and easier to make and use with VideoWebWizard 2.0 than with Youtube.

7. With VideoWebWizard, you can brand a video on-the-fly with a company logo, copyright notice, or other image. YouTube doesn't have this feature.

8. You can set a "Completion URL" in VideoWebWizard so that when a visitor finishes watching your video, they're automatically redirected to the URL you set. (This is great for affiliate marketing) YouTube doesn'thave this feature.

As you can see, VideoWebWizard really leaves YouTube in the dust when it comes to putting videos on your website!

Sure, YouTube is a decent tool to start off with, but the old "You Get What You Pay For" rule applies here.

VideoWebWizard 2.0 is the more powerful (yet just as easy) software tool. Check it out now...

Monday, August 04, 2008

Free Audio Download of Alex Jeffrey's Post Launch Profits

If you've ever listened to a (free) Info-Product recording, and thought; "Why did I bother wasting my time with that?", you have'nt heard one of Alex Jeffreys audio recordings.

Alex' "Post Launch Profit Secrets" has raised the standard. If you listen to the audio and act on it, you can literally change the way you make an income online.

I bet you heard the term ‘the money is in the list’. Well, Alex takes this concept and explains how anyone can create a list to be proud of... and make money from.

You will not only be able to build just any list, but one that is highly responsive and loves getting their wallets out every time you find a product that you think is worth recommending.

In his free audio recording, Alex takes you step by step describing how he started his own profit generating system. He also goes into great detail on how we can do it ourselves, without having to pay thousands of dollars that Alex did to set him on the path of success he is on now:

With him on the audio is Michael Cheney, who also gives some invaluable insights into the very same list-building system that makes him millions too.

If you are anything like me, you will be thrilled with the information contained within this recordng.

In a few weeks time you can also own a list to shoot off emails to and make money from... and I’m sure that sounds good to you too ;-)

Friday, August 01, 2008

How To Profit From Public Domain Works

One of the easiest ways to creating your own product is by using public domain. There are thousands of copyright-free works out there, just waiting for you to be picked up and re-sold.

Note: Did you know that the Disney company was built on public domain? Many of their classics came right from the public domain.

But if you plan to use public domain works, you may face a few problems. For example...

1. Finding good products
2. Knowing for sure it's in the public domain.
3. How to make them into new products.

However, thanks to the Public Domain Survival Kit, those problems are solved with 5 products:

1. Public Domain Advantage

2. Public Domain Expert Toolbar, Lite Edition

3. The Report Factory

4. Public Domain Code-Breaker Report

5. Public Domain First-Aid Kit

With these 5 products in hand, you will finally be able to profit from pubic domain, easily and quickly.

To discover all the details and grab your kit today, simply click the link below:

Oh, it also comes with Master Resell Rights. Which gives you an additional method to profit by.