Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Using the power of infographics for your traffic and sales.

Infographics are awesome. I love it when boring information is presented in a compact and creative format, and infographics are able to do exactly that... quickly convey knowledge and engage viewers.

A well designed infographic is more enjoyable as a learning tool compared to dull monotonous copy, and they can also do wonders for your marketing.

Here are 2 sites featuring cool infographic examples:

The truth is, I can’t get enough of them...

When I see a well designed infographic, I tend to share the image on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest with the intention to get more re-tweets, shares, likes and/or re-pins.

And I bet that I am not the only one doing this...

Simply said... an infographic is a "power tool" that can instantly catch the attention of your viewers...

...and, very important to us online marketers, distributing unique infographics online that have to do with your niche, can boost your website traffic and product/service branding!

There is a huge demand for professional infographics, and many people who don't have the software or talent to design their own graphics are willing to pay a lot of money for graphic designers who are good at creating these infographics.

Tip: You can list your graphic skills on Fiverr, and earn a nice extra income from there.

Here's a video that explains how to design a quality infographic:

Now, what if you don't have the time, talent or skills to create an infographic from scratch?

Then you can buy a collection of private label infographic templates, to design your own infographics, using the template(s).

Check out this amazing package of 50 cool and handy infographic templates at: 

You'll soon be addicted :)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

How to format your ebook correctly...

Nothing can be more frustrating than trying to format your Ebook (report, or novel) properly for Kindle, Smashwords, CreateSpace or Lulu submission.

That's why I have created these specialized services to help you format and publish your own Ebook(s) correctly.

Go check them out here:

To your success!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to get paid double for your Fiverr gigs with this smart tip

If you sell anything on, like a service or a digital product, and you want to increase your sales without doing much work, then this tip is for you...

One of the things that you can do is to create a new gig, like the one you see below:

Click here to see this link live on Fiverr.

In your new gig, you can ask your buyers to send you a "$5 Tip", if they are satisfied with your work or fast delivery service.

Many people already save out good money when buying a service or product on Fiverr, and you already have a "no", so why not ask for a "yes"? ;-)

- You can also add an Extra Gig, asking people for an extra tip...

It's also a good idea to return the tip with an Ebook gift, or a software program, that you have Give Away or Distribution Rights to, and doesn't take much time to deliver to people who have ordered your Tip Gig.

The reason for doing this is that when you don't get the extra tip, people may want to grab a copy of your gift and still order your gig to get the bonus...

Go ahead, and setup your new Fiverr gig now. When people land on your download page, all you need to do is just send them to your "Tip Gig". If you deliver in time, and offer a high-quality service, you'll soon see an increase in Fiverr sales.

This is how you can instantly double your Fiverr sales.

If you would like to find out more tips and techniques to succeed as a Fiverr seller, get a copy of the "Instant Fiverr Goldrush" report.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Free tips on how to sell more Kindle books on Amazon

Writing a Kindle book and adding it to Amazon's Kindle store is only the beginning.

The real success of your Kindle book will totally depend on the amount of promotion that you are willing to put into it.

You see, promoting a Kindle book is just like promoting an "offline" book.

Many Kindle book authors are struggling with their online book promotion, and that's why I have written a short report that will help them out.

My report shows you some proven Kindle book promotion techniques and tips that will bring your Kindle book more traffic and -more important- much more sales.

You can download your free copy right here:

No forms to fill, no opt-in needed:

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Free Report: How To Publish Your Book On Amazon's Kindle Store

If you're looking to sell your Ebook on Amazon, but don't know how to do it properly, here's good news... I've just wrote a new report that you can download free:

It's called: "How To Publish Your Book On Amazon's Kindle Store"

Pretty simple, isn't it? :)

The report explains in detail how you can have your own Ebook(s) listed in Amazon's Kindle Book Store - all free...

Imagine the exposure to millions of people who can buy and download your Ebook and read it on their Kindle...

- You can also get the report via Facebook:

If you use this link, you can share it with your Facebook friends, and help me promote my report at the same time. See it as a way of making a small contribution :)

Thank you for your support...

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Free Plugin; Clickbank Surge shows you which Clickbank products to promote

One of the best marketing tips that I can give you is to promote Clickbank products.

The reason is simple... You don't need a website to promote Clickbank products, or handle any customer support when people have ordered their product. It's all taken care of by the Clickbank vendor. And all commissions go directly into your affiliate account.

It's one of the best ways for people like you and me to make money online.

However, you don't want to promote just any Clickbank program to your subscribers/customers. You should offer them quality CB products that they will like -and buy.

So, when you plan to promote a Clickbank program, you visit Google to see how well the CB program ranks in the search engines. You can do this using the "optimized product name keywords"…

But the problem is that EVERYONE is doing this and the "popular-selling" products have very high competition... and the sad thing is that Clickbank does not give you enough stats to see what's hot selling in the market…

Until now that is...

You see, one of my business friends has created an AMAZING Firefox plugin tool that tells you EXACTLY what Clickbank products to promote, without doing any research.

If you use this free tool, you'll immediately see which CB program has a high gravity, and find out if it's markatable and worth putting in your precious time and effort promoting it.

Ok, you may be interested now... So I'm offering you a chance to try it out, FREE of charge, just sign up here, download and start using the free plugin!

Simply click the link, watch the video demo and grab your FREE copy NOW!

You will love it, just as much as I do!

Monday, March 14, 2011

How To Generate Unlimited Traffic From Social Media Sites Like Facebook and Twitter

Are you struggling trying to get people to your website? Do you want to increase your leads, subscribers and/or sales?

Then you should take advantage of Social Media.

By using the incredible power of social media, like Twitter or Facebook, you can dramatically increase web traffic to your online business.

Here are a few things to keep you in the right lane when it comes to using social media...

If you are launching a product, starting a promotion, offering discounts, or have anything important to say, then social media is one one of the quickest and cheapest ways for you to get that information out into the Internet.

You can start a Facebook fan page, or post a tweet to your Twitter followers, telling them about your project(s).

You see, social media traffic gives "instant traffic".

This means that you can drive tons of people to your site in a matter of minutes.

No longer do you have to write an email message, load it into your automated list system, and wait for people to open and read your emails to get people to visit your site.

Email marketing is "old school"...

Social media rules these days, and the really great thing about is that people can pass along your information on their own social networks, making it viral.

Smart consumers no longer take online advertisements for real. They rather use one of the social media platforms to communicate with other people on a real-time basis about a service or product that they've seen online.

Social media is cheap, easy and convenient for people who seek solutions to problems that they may encounter and answers to questions that are nagging them.

If you can assist people via social media, then you're guaranteed to succeed.

For more info on how to use the power of social media, check out the Social Media Traffic Avalance guide.