Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New to Public Domain works? Here's a free email course

If you've been connected with the publishing industry, you may have heard about the term "public domain". But what exactly is public domain -and more important... how can YOU profit from it? Here's a free email course on "How To Profit From Public Domain Information", plus you'll also get 7 Public Domain works all ready to go. No strings attached:

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Free marketing products worth $197

Here's a great marketing course from Richard Legg (worth $197) at no-cost... I liked it a lot, and I thought of you when I got it to use myself:

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Free report on using video on your website or blog

Offering a video presentation about your product or service on your web site, or blog, is a hot trend in Internet Marketing.But a lousy video presentation can make people click away… and never return again to your site…So… how do you do it right? How do you create an attention-grabbing video? And where do you find cheap -if not free- software to create your video?Well, there’s a new (and free) report just out by Marlon Sanders that answers all your questions. Marlon shows you -in his well known laid-back style- about the 5 major mistakes that people make with their video blog…If you have any intentions to use video on your web site (or sales page), you really need to see it. The report is in .PDF format, so anyone can read it. You can download the report here

How the "Rich Jerk" got rich... revealed

“How The Rich Jerk Got Rich” is a detailed study of how the sales page for one of the Internet’s most successful marketing Ebooks was set up to sell so well. You’ll find out how to properly use graphics, colors and text on your sales page, to boost your profits. Get this guide, apply the simple tips, and you’ll be able to increase your own product sales instantly. (The Ebook is currently selling at $49.97 elswhere, but I’m practically giving it away -Resell Rights Included.) You can read more about it here

Note: Even if you don’t want to buy the guide, I recommend you to check out the special Bonus book that comes with the “Rich Jerk” report. The bonus by itself is worth twice the cost of your initial purchase… To Your Success!

Free Instant Viral Ebooks... with branding rights

Bob Hampton from Instant Viral Ebooks is offering you a package of brandible Ebooks that you can sell or give away. You can brand each of the Ebooks with your name, the name of your web site and your web site URL. This could result in driving targeted traffic to your website and your opt-in form. Just click here to get free access...

Free Report: "What are name squeeze pages..."

You’ve heard about Squeeze Pages, right? A squeeze page allows you to insert your visitors name into your sales page automatically via a special form and is a very important tool in online marketing. The special report; “What Are Name Squeeze Pages And How To Benefit From Them” will tell you why you should use a squeeze page, and how to set one up. Click here to download the special report

If you want to have your own squeeze page working for you automatically, 24/7, but don't want to spend a fortune on expensive squeeze page software, you can download a copy of Garrie Wilsons’ Poor Boy Squeeze Page Garries script is very easy to use, and comes with an instructional video, and Master Resale Rights included… And this for only $9.97!!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Working with Resale Rights

You’ve probably heard about Ebooks with Resale Rights by now. Resale rights are often included with your purchase when you order an Ebook, a software program -or any other product. You then get the Ebook itself, plus a mini-site with graphics, to start selling the product from your own web site. It’s a great way to earn profits online. I do this all the time, and it works like magic.

To find out how you can make insane profits selling other people’s products, you should download my free ecourse:
If you don’t sign up, you’re really missing the point on how resale rights work… and how to benefit from it…

However… it’s not all that simple… Before you start selling an Ebook, or Ebook package, you should check with the publisher if you can modify the sales page. Give it a new “catchy” name. Add some bonus gifts to it. It’s much better to “repackage” a product and make it stand out from the rest. That’s the best way to make many sales. It’s a proven rule… and all the Ebook marketers that I know, and who are successful, do it just like that.

Now, where do you get Ebooks with Resell Rights? Here’s one place: It's my “Digital Reseller Vault”, and all the members receive a new product with resell rights every month for a (low) monthly fee.

PS: If you are on my “Special Sunday Discounts” list, then you can also get products at bottom prices:

Free 7 day eCourse on how to earn monthly income online

Jimmy D. Brown’s eCourse: “The scientific, mathematic, this-is-what-Einstein-would-have-done approach to earning monthly income on the Web” was developed specifically for people who want to get the most out of their online Info-Publishing business… that means you too… You can sign up for free here Trust me, you’ll thank me later ;-)

Free Ebook: "List And Profits" by Raam Anand

This is cool! It’s a new Ebook by Raam Anand, showing you how to build, grow and profit from your own lists - all within 30 days or less! I’ve secured a free copy for you. Download the important PDF manual along with a bunch of ‘never-released-before’ special reports at no-cost to you. You can check it out at:

I especially liked the “4-Step System” to quickly build HUGE members lists all the while getting paid to do so! Incredible, I must say. So, go and claim your copy without further delay and while it’s STILL free…

Free Report: "Creating The Perfect eCourse With Private Label Content"

Profits matter. It is the primary goal in running an Internet business. Settle for nothing less than good profits. That is the key to success. Here’s a Special Report, called “Creating The Perfect eCourse With Private Label Content”.

It’s written in PDF, and contains a special gift, valued at $97.00… This report will show you how to create a “profit-generating” email course. You can download it -for free- here:

Free Ebook "The eSuccess Code"

You can download a step-by-step guide that reveals a simple, yet powerful, “No B.S.” system you can duplicate to create cash on demand. Plus, you will also get a $397 value, special video package, and all free…

As soon as I landed on the page I could instantly feel a strong vibe coming off the screen. Then I hesitated, just for a second, and began to wonder how much it was going to cost me to get this amazing package. So, I read through the page and couldn’t believe when I read that it’s really free…

You are going to learn the hottest and most cutting-edge Internet Marketing strategies anyone can use to earn profits online… no matter what you sell, how much experience you have or what kind of budget you have to work with… Don’t hesitate or postpone 1 milli-second. Check this out now! This is absolutely amazing!

Free Report: "The Benefits Of Buying Private Label Rights"

If you’re new to Private Label Rights, then here's a short report you'll find interesting. “The Benefits of Buying Private Label Rights” (in PDF format), will explain how PLR can build your Info-Publishing business fast and easy, and increase your online sales at the same time. (A $27.00 value, but yours 100% free!) The report can be downloaded from here

20 Private Label Ebooks for under $10…

I love private label rights… I buy as much of it as I can get my hands on. But I’ve never seen anything like this…

You get 20 instant niche businesses for mere pennies each… And it’s no joke! In fact, this amazing package is soo underpriced, I guarantee you will be walking away with a copy of each product today… Only $9.97 for 20 high-quality products that you can put your name on, yep… you can do whatever you want with them.

TIP: Pick a few of the products and edit the content a bit (to make it more original), then slap your name as the author and you’re in business my friend. But you can always resell the products just the way they are. It is up to you.But, you better hurry, this could end at anytime without warning!

New brandible Ebook to profit from

You can now brand a copy of the “Benefits Of Buying Private Label Rights” report with your own affiliate link, and earn 60% commission on every sale that you make for my “Private Label Secrets” book. Click here for details. Branding the report is very simple to do, and you’ll get detailed instructions.



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