Monday, April 23, 2007

Ebook Review: How To Get Google Ads Free

I just finished reading the "How To Get Google Ads Free" Ebook, and here's my review.

First of all, the cost of this Ebook is $67.

(It's not cheap, but they have an affiliate program that can make you earn your investment back quickly.)

Now, I know, this is somewhat of a controversial Ebook. I have seen this Ebook taken down by another marketer, who's name I will not reveal here for privacy reasons.

But before you skip this review, let me say one important thing...

If you're not interested in starting a pay-per-click ad campaign at Google, or if you have no intention to make money via Google's AdWords service, then this Ebook is not for you.

But if you are willing to set up a pay-per-click campaign, or if you are already using one, and you know how to build a list of targeted keywords for your product or service, then this info is what you need.

I can't explain how the "secret" works in detail here, as I don't want to get into copyright trouble, but it is really possible to get Google ads without spending money.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm no fool, and I know that you're not either. Only the sun comes up for free ;-)

I won't make any bold statement like "Buy this Ebook, and you'll get free Google ads..."

You will need to invest some money to set up a pay-per-click ad campaign, but the money will come from another source.

That's where this book is about.

It shows you exactly how to create an automated income stream to finance your Google campaign... without robbing your bank account.

The method used is legal, and anyone can use it, and it also works for any niche.

It's a strategy that I've not seen before, and so I believe that the information inside this book is
worth it's price.

Here's the link again where you can read more details

Any comments you may have are welcome below... as always ;-)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

A list of article directories to post your article

One of the questions that people keep asking me over and over again is this... "What is the most effective way to get traffic to my website - without paying for it?"

My answer: "Write some quality articles about your subject, and submit them to as much article directories as you can."

It's a proven fact that you can use well written and informative articles to create targeted -and free- traffic to your website, 24/7, almost on autopilot. Your article resource box can be your best traffic generating tool ;-)

That's why (by popular request) here's a list of the best article directories that will publish your articles...

=> TIME SAVING TIP: If you want to go the fast way, without manually submitting your articles one by one, then I highly recommend the handy Article Submitter For Newbies tool.

Article Submitter For Newbies stores all of your personal information, resource box, and articles in a special database.

It then proceeds to each of the articles sites, logs you in and auto fills all of your content, including your name, your article, your author resource box, even an article summery on any sites that ask for it!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Your $10 discount coupon for Instant Sales Booster

If you're not familiar with the Instant Sales Booster script, let me explain what this handy, and highly effective sales script can do...

ISB allows you to set up multiple discount offers on your website... (People love special offers, and when they get your unique discount code, all they have to do is enter this code in a special form on your sales page.)

This tool has the potential to increase your online sales conversions up to 400%... and because I really want you to have this amazing marketing tool, I'll give you a $10 off coupon to get your copy.

NOTE: You not only get a $10 discount, but also Master Resell Rights and a ready made sales page... Just use this special coupon code at the order page: mydiscount (This way you'll see how effective this sales tool works ;-)
If you don't think this is a no-brainer bargain, please reply and let me know why...