Thursday, November 25, 2010

How to build an opt-in list on Facebook by using a simple fan page

It's a fact... Facebook has beaten Google as the most poular web site on the planet. With over half a billion users logging in to their Facebook accounts every day to check what their friends have to share, or say, it's just insane to not tap into this incredible market to promote your business.

The best way to go is to create a Facebook "Fan Page". You can setup a fan page in minutes, and add fans to it by inviting your friends, JV-partners, subscribers and customers, so they will know when you have something to share or announce.

Once you have a fan page, you can setup a landing page (where people can get something for free if they "like" your page, just like a squeeze page), and show this page as your home page to new visitors.

It only takes a simple click on the "Like" button, and they will be getting all your updates in their newsfeed whenever you post something to your fan page.

It works like magic... try that with a simple email message ;-)

Check out this video on how to create a squeeze page on your Facebook page (You may want to enlarge the video for better viewing it by clicking the "Full Screen" button in the user bar):

There's a guy who earns $500 every day with a Facebook Fan Page. He wrote a report about it. You can now get it for free.

Note: it contains some controversial info, but it worked well for him, so go see for yourself:

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