Friday, July 13, 2007

How to increase your sales with this simple script

As an online marketer, don't you wish that there was some kind of magic script that could deliver you more sales?

Well there is now...

Sales Trigger Generator is a powerful php script, which is designed to increase sales on your website.

Here's how it works...

Once you visit a sales page with the STG script installed on it, you'll see that there are only XXX amount of copies of the product available for sale, at a special price.

Now, when people leave (or refresh) this page, the current offer will be gone, and another price will be set.

For example: when the page refreshes, or someone leaves and comes back later, they will automatically be redirected to a "page 2 offer". This second page will have another offer for the visitor, only at a higher price...

This method works like magic, as most people who visit your sales page will want to take advantage of the offered discount.

You can now download a copy of the "Sales Trigger Generator" script, complete with resell rights. (This is a $97 value, but as a loyal subscriber, you get it for much less... plus a nice bonus gift ;-)

The script is simple to install and comes with extremely easy to use instructions.

It involves:

1. Uploading files to your server

2. Setting permissions on 2 files.

3. Add php header code to your salespage.

4. Include any of the tags you want displayed, such as time remaining, or products remaining.

5. Upload your sales page

You're done!

Even for a novice user this process shouldn't take more than 10 minutes from start to finish.

Go here for more details:

Trust me on this... You're going to love this software and the results from implementing it in your marketing strategies.