Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A truly free service that will help you make profits...

Don't you just love to get discounts? And no, this is NOT a post about the latest/greatest new product or anything. In fact, there is nothing to buy.

But, if you act fast, you can easily profit from this new no-cost service (and earn passive income). This is truly a case of ‘the early bird catches the worm’.

Here’s the scoop…

>>> FACT: You and I (and everyone else reading this) buy products online all the time ­ software, ebooks, information products, PLR packages, scripts, etc. Well, Jason Potash & Marc Quarles came up with the ingenious idea of having a “deal a day” site just for Internet Marketers like us.

You get a new deal everyday on great marketing products. You know… the exact same (new or existing) products that you’ve been meaning to buy, but were holding out for a better deal.

>>> 365 days, 365 killer bargains! <<<

Sure, everybody loves a great deal. But, even better… now you can PAID by simply telling your friends, subscribers, forum buddies and customers to check out this new site.

It’s called DealDotCom:

Before everyone else starts talking about it, go grab yourself an account from this *private* link and start spreading the word... The sooner you get onboard (and lock-in new members you refer), the better your odds of generating some hefty commission checks on 365 different products.

I’ve already signed up and that’s why I am letting you know about it today. As you can see, I also practise what I preach :-)

Here’s that link again: