Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Free Ebook : "How To Sell Ebooks On eBay"

"How To Sell Ebooks On Ebay And The World Wide Web" is an excellent PDF manual by Richard Fenn,that teaches you all there is to know on how to use eBay for selling Ebooks.

=> I could've sold this Ebook for $47, or more, but I'm giving it to you for free.

PLUS... This book also comes with a ready made sales page, so you can start selling it right away from your own site.

You can download the Ebook and Sales Page (without filing in any forms) from here: http://www.instantinfoprofit.com/sellebooksonebay

To Your Online Sales ;-)

Saturday, June 09, 2007

How to profit in niche marketing

One question that people keep asking me is how they can survive, selling Info-Products in this oversaturated Information Market, where competition is high.

You know how it goes... Someone releases a new Ebook with resell rights, and the next day, you see some other marketer offering the same product at a 50% discount.

It's not easy competing with people who sell below the price, especially, when it comes to Internet Marketing products.

Now, if you don't have a big list to sell your Info-Products too, you should consider niche markets.

I've personally made a lot of profits lately selling Ebooks that are related to a certain niche; family, health, children, schooling, time management, etc...

The reason why it's much easier to sell niche products to a small group of people than selling Internet Marketing related products, is because IM products are being sold by people with HUGE lists to other marketers who see the same offers pop up everywhere.

There's just too much competition, so it's wiser to stick with small ;-)

For example, does your product appeal to gardeners? That’s a wide market, so you can narrow it down. Who is most likely to be interested? People looking for information about houseplants? Roses? Bonsai trees?
After narrowing it down as far as you can, think of appropriate keywords. Check with Google to see how many websites come up using your keywords.

Next you can use a website that tracks keyword usage (such as Word Tracker or Overture) to see if there are plenty of users looking for your specific information. If there are enough potential customers and the competition is low, you may have found your perfect niche.

After you have chosen your niche, try to set up a website around it, and use the keywords in your domain name. This will help your website ranking, and make interested people find your site faster.

It's a fact... choosing the right niche will make you sales. Just be sure to find a niche with plenty of potential customers and little competition.

But where do you find niche Info-Products?

You can join a niche membership club. Or you can search Google for Info-Products that contain your niche keyword.

To help people getting started, I have created a brand new unique niche package
called: Private Label Rights Galore

Here are the Ebooks that are included in this PLR package:

All these products come with master resale rights, so you can sell them from your own site... But if you wish (and I highly recommend this option), you can modify these products, and insert your own links in them as YOU wrote them all by yourself.

Just remember... Private Label Rights are the best way to get a unique product produced fast and cheap.