Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New set of videos to profit from your Ebook

Ebooks, Ebooks, Ebooks... You see them everywhere nowadays.

And everybody tells you how easy it is to use them to generate an extra income online.

And I'm one of them -but hey, don't accuse me, because I've showed you the right way to get started ;-)

Anyway, if you think that my 4 day eCourse didn't offer you enough information on how to get your own Ebook online, then listen up...

I've just uploaded a new set of step-by-step videos that will show you exactly how to create your own profitable Ebooks.

In these videos you'll discover...

- Easy ways to create great looking Ebooks

- How to add video to your Ebook

- A little known trick for growing your opt-in list with Ebooks

- How to password protect your Ebook

- How to find out how many people have opened your Ebook

- And much much more...

This video package gives you all the answers you need.

If you think you can't win on the Internet Marketing battle field war, you should think again.

"Ebook Secrets Revealed" will be your secret weapon for knocking your competitors out of the competition... even before they knew what hit them!

You can download the videos from here:

And what's even better... The videos come with resale rights, so you don't want to let this pass you by ;-)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Create flash movies quickly - and free

I just wanted to let you know about a new and free service, that creates flash movies for you. Here's the link:

There's nothing to setup on your website, everything happens on their servers. You can create animated videos, clips, or anything that you like, with spoken words, sounds or music. Then you can place a simple line of code in your webpage, and you're done.

For example, you can place a flash movie on your Ebook sales page to sum up the benefits of your product. Here's an example of a clip that I created... in just a few minutes:

Go check it out, it's fun, attention grabbing - and free ;-)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A quick question for you...

Do you know what one of the HOTTEST topics in Internet Marketing is right now?

If you said "Private Label Rights" then well... congratulations, because you'd be right...

With all the recent big PLR launches this last few weeks there are literally 1000's of marketers out there who own PLR rights products (and more importantly who want to sell their PLR products fast)

Here's how you can help them:

And help yourself into the bargain :)

Maybe you have a hard drive packed full of content you'd like to maximize your own profits with? Great, because this report can help you...

Not only will you receive Master Resell Rights to a potential best seller but you'll also gain access to it's secrets...
And there's some solid information on offer that's suitable for ANYONE looking to jump into the profitable world of PLR...

Sell it - use it yourself - or both :)

Go get it and then... sell it!

Have A Great Week