Monday, February 26, 2007

A new video explains how Site Build It! works

Do you have a particluar skill, or knowledge about something?

And have you been thinking about converting your skills into a website, to share it with others, and at the same time make an extra income with it?

When I started online, I was occupied -or call it "obsessed"- with writing. I wrote poetry, a novel, some short stories, etc...

But since I couldn't find an 'official' publisher to print my work, I decided that it would be great for people to find a way to self-publish their writings.

And then I read about Ken Evoy's Site Build It! website... Ken stated that... "if you can surf and get email, you can build a website.'

Site Build It! (SBI) is the Internet's number 1 choice for ordinary people and small business to set up a website with no previous web design knowledge.

To explain the "who-what-why" of Site Build It! and exactly how it changed people's lives, Ken Evoy has prepared a 27 minute "video shortcut" to walk you through a quick tour of this SBI! site.

The 6-link tour is the fastest, most visual way to really understand how you too can succeed beyond all others and why nothing in the world exists like SBI!

Go take the video tour here to see how it works:

The video shows you how Jim, an archeology college professor who likes juggling, builds a website from scratch to earn an extra income with his hobby. And now, you can see and understand with absolute clarity how SBI! works and helps people succeed.

If you don't have time to read all about it, just take a few minutes to watch this video and you'll see why thousands of website builders are so excited about SBI!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Free Report: 5 Steps To A Big-Profit, S.M.A.L.L. Report Business

Forget everything you've been told about creating information products.

Well, not everything - but everything you've been told about the LENGTH of your ebooks.

I've just been going through some fascinating stuff here from Jimmy D. Brown about creating tiny, 7-15 page information products that sell at just a phenomenal rate.

One guy sold 420 with his first small report in his first week!

I guess the thing that has me most excited is how quickly you and I can crank out these small reports. I mean, I'm not a great writer, but I can write 7 pages of information in a day or so forsure.

And that's all it takes!

Jimmy has just released a brand new special report: 5 Steps To A Big-Profit, S.M.A.L.L. Report Business and you can get a FREE COPY right here:

I'm not going to fill you up with a bunch of hype, but just one look at his site will explain why I'm so excited.

Jimmy has done something with this course that I've never seen before... He shows, in step-by-step detail, how to start from scratch and build a huge information product empire by creating nothing but tiny, 7-15 page special reports.

(When I say "start from scratch", I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING - no list, no web site, no ideas ... NOTHING!)

I encourage you to stop what you're doing right now and just take a quick look at this new course. Get your copy today, and you can *LITERALLY* be taking orders for your first small report in less than 1 week from now.

I know that excites you as much as it does me. Anyway, check it out at -